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Edinburgh Fringe JW Cocktails

Today I am writing about and focusing on the range of different Johnnie Walker Black Label cocktails that Diageo are offering at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. As usual, Johnnie Walker has a high profile at the festival with various pop-up venues and permanent locations having Walker promotions going on.

Let’s start with the short drinks, then move eon to highballs.

1 A twist on a traditional Old Fashioned. The Tarragon Old Fashioned uses JW Black Label, Angostura Bitters, a stem of tarragon to garnish and aromatise for a full on whisky flavour, concentrated into a short cocktail. This is selling at the festival for £8.

2 Almond Mac is another short drink, but with a sweeter element. This, again made with JW Black Label, Disarrono Amaretto liqueur and a cherry garnish. Not so bold as the Old Fashioned but still a full flavoured drink. Selling for £8.

3 Highball drinks now, starting with the Elderflower and Mint Highball. 50ml Johnnie Walker Black, mixed with Elderflower cordial, frsh mint garnish and topped with sparkling soda. Refreshing summer drink at £9.

4 Next is the Blood Orange Highball. Johnnie Walker Black Label in a tall glass. Topped with Fever Tree Blood Orange soda, finished with a delicious walnut and chocolate bitters make for an indulgent drink. This one sell for £9.50.

5 The White Grape and Apricot Highball, rather obviously contains JW Black and Fever Tree white grape and Apricot soda served over ice cubes in a tall highball glass. £9.50.

6 Lastly the Smoked Tea and Ginger. Johnnie Walker Black, Fever Tree ginger ale and Russian Caravan tea cordial, once again selling for £9.50 at the fringe.

Bear in mind the Walker pop-up venues will serve your drink in a plastic tumbler, which is not my favourite way to receive a £9.50 drink but I guess that’s the rules for outside consumption. You can always find an indoor bar and get yourself a proper glass to enjoy your cocktail. Always a bonus in my book. It’s my pet hate to pay full price for a drink and get it handed to you in plastic. It’s also not the best outcome for the environment to use single use containers.

Anyway, I hope you see a cocktail above that you like the sound of and want to try. You can always make these at home yourself, most ingredients are readily available in good retailers these days, so why not have a go for yourself.

If you have a passion for Johnnie Walker or indeed any Scotch Whisky, and would like to explore this amazing world of whisky we have here on our doorstep in Scotland, why not get in touch and let’s see if I can build you an experience that you will never forget.

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